#497 – Undercover Brother


DIRECTED BY: Malcolm D Lee

STARRING: Eddie Griffin, Chris Kattan, Dave Chappelle, Aunjanue Ellis, Denise Richards, Neil Patrick Harris, Billy Dee Williams and Chi McBride

FAVE QUOTE: “You mess with the ‘fro, you got to go – Undercover Brother

FAVE MOMENT: The beginning of the fight scene between Undercover Brother & Mr Feather along to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’.

AWARDS: WAFCA (Best Guilty Pleasure)


Anton Jackson is an African-American man who seems harmless enough on the surface, but is a secret agent in the all-black Brotherhood, an entity that levels the playing field against the all-white establishment. Partnered with the sassy, stunning Sistah Girl, our hero must first undergo the ultimate attitude adjustment and trade in his ‘fro and platforms for tennis sweaters and penny loafers. Once the transformation is complete, he’s ready to take on the evil perpetrators of Operation Whitewash–Mr Feather, Penelope Snow aka White She Devil, and, ultimately, The Man.


Many will call foul play with my list (mainly with the order) but now at number 497 is Undercover Brother. It would be easy to suggest this as the black Austin Powers but it’s funkier and to me a whole lot funnier (not a fan of the Austin Powers series). Undercover Brother goes where other blaxploitation films have gone…and then some.

Originally Undercover Brother started off as an internet series written by John Ridley and he’s also written the feature film  and some of the dialogue is hilarious (most notably the best lines are given to Dave Chappelle’s character Conspiracy Brother). The set designs of The Man’s hideout as well as the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D base are well done (considering the film had an estimated budget of around $25 million and grossed twice the amount) and the film flows well and is easy to follow (the key element for any comedy).

Eddie Griffin is great in the role of Undercover Brother, for me it’s always his reactions to things that someone says or does always gets me laughing but the star of the show is Dave Chappelle for his comic timing of his lines, which as stated before, the best lines are given to him (you can’t beat an OJ joke, they will never get old). Chris Kattan is decent aswell as the villain of the piece Mr Feather, though where has Kattan gone to now these days? Denise Richards is suitably cast in the role of White She Devil to be the seductive pretty face and Aunjanue Ellis is good as well as Sistah Girl and the fight between her and White She Devil is another memorable moment in the film.

So funnier and funkier than the Austin Powers series and with a theme tune you’d be huming til next week, it’s a good film for you to check out if you haven’t. Just a pity that the long awaited sequel may never show it’s face to the public domain as the audience is out there waiting.

Look out for the random cameo from James Brown.


~ by Irish Cinephile on October 21, 2011.

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